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When a drop out corporate professional for 5 long years comes to term with something she has actually been designed for, all hell broke loose. It took her a year and half to realize that she wasn’t made for those 9 to 6 grueling sessions carried out by companies. She has contained a lot inside her in all these years, which now must be all over the places. Good, bad.. you decide. Being an (unfeminine) feminist, this also happens to be her chance to put her perspective wide in open. So, the sheer itch and a secret wish of becomknb a writer someday, has led her to finally create this platform. She is still discovering herself and has confounded luck with this new artistry which people call blogging. Finally..!

Hello, My name is Nidhi Thawal, 27. I have my roots in the Himalayas, Almora (Uttrakhand) to be specific and I am an avid traveler. I am a decent observer and collect tiny bits of my own self on every journey I embark on. I write better than I speak and I am aiming at writing about everything which my head can process. Welcome to my world. I am more than happy to be at the receiving end in case you don’t like my articles. But let us all start a discussion healthy enough which concludes on a constructive note. In the end, we all are learning..!