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A winter rain

As a cluster of clouds forgathers in,
Overcasts the sun with a black sheen!
Tearing the haze and the mist apart,
Ever so intrigued has the fog been?
Signals it’s their time to emerge now,
That the sun must unlax and take a bow!
Shiny pearls then nuzzly embrace the earth..
Soak the patch, plow the dearth!
Checks assuringly on nascent petals,
The verdure glow, ever so pristine
Mounts the frost a prime,
A girl wrapped in wool, wonder in keen!
The dust on the roofs settle downs,
With a beam of blue that never frowns!
Sees if its time to be, the sun sneaks out,
The cloud thunders, emotes a growl!
Lasting awhile this torrent,
Rinses the city in new!
The drizzle smiles with a wink,
and the tirade continue..

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