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Good things in my Spring!

My spring takes a sigh..!
With blooming daisies and lilies,
As I pen a zigzag life,
Cushioning my cracking self-beliefs.

“What is it to be happy?”
My curious soul infinitely dwells,
I say it’s less to do with others…
More to do with self!

“But how ‘bout the worldly norms?”
Exclaims a probing brain!!
That you must adhere to survive…
It levies on me, while I stand in disdain!

Like what rain does to a dry land…
Turns green, a patch so brown,
For an aching median upraised by a human,
It’s for another human to bring it down!

A guitar string then resonates in the hills.
Ushers me out of my quilt…
My peace embraces me all over,
As I quit my fears, leave behind my guilt!

You must break free once a while!
Not every hymn needs to be chimed
Once a while, you must resume all pauses…
Not every mountain needs to be climbed!

A little bird then sings crossways,
Unlocks my canons sealed so insane,
Hums a soothing note…
My clutched soul breathes again!

Now I hold a conscience sans liability,
And everything that happiness brings…
Love, peace, and serenity,
These are the good things in my spring!

14 thoughts on “Good things in my Spring!

  1. Nidhi is an epitome of beautiful soul. That is what gets reflected through her words and the poetic talent. Each time, i go through her creative works, i love to interpret her thoughts that she always crafts in her words, in a superb way. Always eager to read her new stuff. She has her own world of ideas that provides me ample reasons to interconnect with. She is really dechipering the real world throgh her poetic code and collecting the beautiful rhythm of life through her creative, amazing & lively soul. Keep it up 👍🏻

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