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I am a Woman!

I am a woman,
I conceive life within myself,
…and nurture it with my blood.
See me through my soul!

I am a Woman,
Diffusing warmth and tenderness all over,
Often hiding behind the drapes…
Find me through my humility!

I am a Woman,
Do not question my substantiality,
I make roots to your existence…
Palpate me through my servility!

I am a woman,
Do not judge me for my voice,
My shrieks are inconsolable…
Hear me through my silence!

I am a Woman,
My patience knows no bounds…
Do not put it on umpteen trials…
Touch me through my wounds!

I am a Woman
I sacrifice for those I love,
Leaving a hollow inside my heart,
Gauge me beyond my scantiness!

I am a woman,
Much more than a piece of flesh…
..and an object of fancy,
Look at me beyond my body!

I am a woman,
My actuality has battled all odds…
My stature being questioned a zillion times,
Confront me through my eye!

I am a woman
I have succumbed to agony for ages…
With world converting to a pry
Answer me as I cry!

I am a Woman
I am power! I am lethal! I am fire!
Don’t take me for a grant…
Test me if you want!

I am a Woman
I can destroy like I create…
Do not ever mess around…. would you..?
Watch me if you do!!

12 thoughts on “I am a Woman!

  1. This is a beautiful poem, words are not enough to describe how serene i felt when reading it. Thank you for this wonderful piece.

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