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The beckoning call!

With a repertoire full of failures,
As you snug yourself to your cries…
As you lay on the dreaded couch
Finding sleep in blinking eyes!

A bag of bereaved aims,
And an armour of shattered goals…
A beguiled charade of life entails,
To the trail of foul rigmaroles!

When every attempt triggers false hopes,
Entangled in bewildered ropes…
It’s time you challenge the ‘fighter’,
Reckon the ‘ant’ and the ‘spider’!

When people who call you names,
Grind you to halt with blame games…
The grit in you then must never fall,
Learn it to be your beckoning call!

A world negating your thoughts,
Would run screaming all your way…
Perplex your nights to no bounds,
baffling you right through the day!

You must then tear through the decibel noise,
And return to them with a poise…
With this turmoil that your soul brew
For this much-coveted throne, now belongs to you!

Nipping the laze in its bud…
Thrashing the shrieks with a thud…
Beware the demons hounding you for free
…that there is no looking back for you…
…that this is your time & your place to be!

Like a staccato of dispersed notes,
Converts a music of immense rife…
With what might appear a defunct to many,
You must mirror an entire life!!!

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