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A realm of silence knocks in,
Asks, where in the world have you been?
With a fistful of lilies I say,
Where my earth is little dense…
And my grass is little green!

It shakes me in my feet,
Willies me the minute our eyes meet,
I stand stoic holding my ground,
Dwindling albeit in tussle…
Shielding my calm so profound!

It then penetrates through my soul,
Through the pores ever so unknown…
Winding aimless at my bay,
Seeing me tilling my gravel straight,
The silence warps and go disarray…

Unaided in the dark room…
The silence yells for it is alone,
Hounds my inching triumph for free…
Shreds to threads and claims,
This isn’t how you used to be!

What makes you so buoyant?
What propels a resolute as firm as this?
A static wit, a pinch of grit,
Is what it takes to fuel your diss!!

My silence breaks it being to bits,
Dissipates with a thawing spree
I say I am here for my words,
And your shrieks aren’t for me!

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