Gender Equality – A Crisis!

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Equality Equality Equality! We hear every other person talking about equality on every other day at every other place. It has been talked about to such an extent that the actual context which it should be crusading, has been thrown somewhere into oblivion. And now is nowhere to be found. I find it funny sometimes […]

Travel Tales

The vibe of Kasol

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India conserves a plethora of serene & unagitated landscapes in its kitty. It mesmerizes me sometimes how beautiful our country is. It brims with umpteen travel escapades that you would be spoilt for choices. And then there are a few of those which always keep calling you back.  Kasol will always be one such place […]

My Poems

A winter rain

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As a cluster of clouds forgathers in, Overcasts the sun with a black sheen! Tearing the haze and the mist apart, Ever so intrigued has the fog been? Signals it’s their time to emerge now, That the sun must unlax and take a bow! Shiny pearls then nuzzly embrace the earth.. Soak the patch, plow […]

Travel Tips

8 tips for a hassle-free overnight journey

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Whether its embarking your favourite summer destination every year, or an interstate journey for a friend’s wedding. Overnight journeys, for long distances, are a much convenient and preferred option vis-à-vis day travel. Also for an avid traveler like me, it is undeniably the first thing that I ensure before heading onto any expedition. It dispenses […]

Travel Destinations

Solo Travel? Woman? Here are 7 handpicked destinations for you!

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Gone are the days when the idea of travelling or vacationing was restricted to just family trips and group excursions. Ever since the concept of solo travel has surfaced in India, the number of women travellers measuring the length & breadth of the country has only increased. Safety, however, in India remains a concern for […]