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8 human powers we lose hold of while meandering through the road called Life.

A fixed formula to lead a life called ‘perfect’ is a façade. Learning is a continuous process and is pervasive through all walks of life. Rambling through the serpentine concourses, there are many things you would have to learn, unlearn and relearn. The continual zig zag and never-ending chaos, which every life has to offer, it is important to make peace with your own self. It might sound a little philosophical to most of you but is extremely practical when it comes to real-time application. Of what? …… The Powers! Some Human Powers that sit idle within us most of our lives and result in a disarray, as we inch toward our own respective ends, the death!

I wish to ignite a small flash in everyone’s heart that will hopefully convert to a fire as you come face to face with these 8 human powers that I write about below. Please read on!

THE POWER TO PERCEIVE (things that stimulate our surroundings)

A perception, not to be confused with being ‘judgemental’, is a power that determines the functional well-being of one’s mind. Whether or not you choose to put your perspective out in the open, it is imperative to have one in the first place. Empathy plays a pivotal role here. A cocooned life is worst of all. A sense of indifference to things that stimulate your surroundings only goes on to tell how selfish one is. A life that lacks thoughtfulness is shackled in invisible ropes having no ends. It’s equal to death.

THE POWER TO CHOOSE (to be happy)

A life-changing power, if practiced. When you choose a life that you would be happy leading, there is nothing else that matters in this universe. The rule of exclusion is one to be comprehended here. Before deciding on what you want to do in life, you must first know what is that you ‘do not’ want to do. The theory works in parallel to every failure that you face and act as a healer. And while you practice this power, the human power to believe is also something that calls for action. That is next on the list.

THE POWER TO BELIEVE (in yourself especially when no one else does)

There are times when you are left to incessant subjugation in a space people often term as ‘society’. A place when you are supposed to conform to the communal norms and act in tandem with them. And trust me you, it is very easy to fall prey to such inoperable trickery, courtesy the entourage of loathsome people that follow you at every nook and corner. A cluster of humans that is so adamant to paint you the way they want. At such point in time, you got to believe in yourself and shun off everything that perturbs you in way of becoming the best and the happiest version of yourself.

THE POWER TO SAY NO (to things that pester you)

Of all the human powers, this liberates you like nothing else. When you, under sheer pressure, say yes to something you know you can’t live up to (out of disinterest or an incapability for that matter), it not only demeans your conscience but also questions your integrity. And then you enter a zone of self-dooming, digging the pit deeper for yourself. After a continuous catharsis of my insides, the universe has led me to a point where I no longer bother to please people. I have finally acquired this power and I feel extremely strong when I practice it.

THE POWER TO FORGIVE (for your own self)

Forgiving doesn’t do as good to the forgiven as it does to the forgiver. It is an attire you should wear every Sunday. Forgiving releases you of the self-created restraints and it’s important that you value your freedom. Get that load off your chest. Do it for yourself. Reach out to happiness. Love yourself.

THE POWER TO SPEAK (for what is right & important)

Silence may be golden at times but doesn’t always bring about equilibrium. You may need not dignify yourself to baseless arguments but exceptions do prevail. Silence might as well be mistaken for one’s lack of perspective, weakness, and ability to confront. And if not broken at the right time, silence has the capacity to sabotage relationships nurtured over years. It is better to speak and fight than to remain silent, for it unravels the truth of the matter and releases you of any mental baggage. It is equally important to speak up for others, though it is a bit too much to ask for, in today’s day and age.


If an orthodox tradition, ritual or custom (nowhere close to substantiality) is still being practiced, it is not only because everyone followed it for years, it is also because nobody questioned as to ‘why’? It is because everyone conveniently gave into what was going on without a concrete premise to helm it. It is standing tall because no one tried to break it. Pulling this human power can get a little precarious. It is not a comfortable position to be facing a mass who just don’t want to lend an ear to you. But at the same time, it is satiating if you do. The only cost that you have to bear is to be alone. But, what the hell? Isn’t it more fulfilling than being puppets in someone’s hands? I guess it is!

THE POWER TO ADAPT (to change)

Change is the only constant they say, and if only we understood this. Preconceived notions stop us from trying new avenues and block our guts. They detain us within the deceitful vaults of discomfort, shattering which may actually prove to be a panacea to you. When you embrace a change, you only furnish yourself with immense flexibility and peace. You break free with the fear of making mistakes. Furthermore, you emerge out a stronger person, in case the change has possibly been challenging for you. A win-win situation. Allow yourself to be stimulated by what God and this universe plans for you. Learn it to be your beckoning call.

I completed 28 years of my life in March 2018. I have had my own share of fallouts, mistakes, failures and moments of hopelessness. At times, I have blamed my own self for the fiascos that I faced and questioned my integrity. Only because I have written this piece does not mean I have imbibed every power written above. I struggle a lot to practice these myself, but that takes away nothing from the significance that these human powers hold. Because it is around us. It is in the minute details that we confront each day in our lives. A little observation and thoughtfulness are all that it takes to imbibe these reflections that universe has to shower on us. Logics do not always work, instinct does.

When we do lay our hands on anything, an omen always keep telling us if it is the right thing to do or not. We only need to follow that. I am working on it each day. I am joining the dots. I am following the signs.

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  1. Hey nidhi it’s superb article & very heart touching and realistic😊 I am practising these human powers all my way.😊

  2. Nice to see the thoughts of a young lady. Nice Thoughts and you have put them with strong words

    at last ज्ञान जहाँ से भी मिले बटोर लो

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