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Think about the last time you abruptly hung up on a customer care executive of a telecom company/bank. Isn’t it really annoying how these people mechanically blabber about the product and almost compel us to buy? For me, it was! Then one fine day, it so happened that I was shown the door in a certain interview I had appeared, that too in the first round itself, for they considered me over-qualified for the post. I wasn’t even given a chance. It is very weird but it reminded me of all those customer care executives. REJECTION! Right?? But let’s look into the tiger’s eye first. What does the word ‘Rejection’ really imply and Why is that nobody seems to like it??

Rejection is simply when you don’t fit the bill. It is when a thing, a person or an idea gets ‘disqualified’, for not being considered suitable for a set condition, cause or situation. When one fails to conform to a standard that one is expected to perfectly tally, that is rejection. These definitions, however, often lose context in real life. A job, a business proposal, a start-up pitch or a teenage crush. Whatever the case may be, being disapproved of, is definitely not something one cherishes. It could be very daunting. And what it subsequently transpires to, is bit of a long list again – self-doubt, loss of self-esteem, diminishing confidence and their consequential effects which shadow everything else in life.

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But this is not going to be a list of sermons. Dealing with rejection is an entirely subjective take and may be addressed differently by different individuals. I will, by all means, refrain from being a preacher in this blog post for I have been consistently rejected myself in my life, at one instance or the other. So I, kind of know how unwarranted advice gets rejected by the ‘rejectee’ itself!! ☺

Surprisingly or not so surprisingly, what remains noticeable throughout the process are a few aspects, common to all sorts of rejection. I am only aiming to write down those small observations that a series of rejections in my life have taught me so far. Also if you hit a chord with me, you would realize that it is not that difficult to catch the cat, only if you bell it the right way! 😀 Read on!


If you stick to the trial part only, you would realize that rejection can make you stubborn in a way that you refuse to give up. It may take a toll on you initially when you taste disapproval for the first time. But from next time onwards, you’d be pro at it. After a point, you’d become indifferent to rejection and produce a self-created therapy to deal with it. Isn’t it a good thing? So in a way, there is at least something inside you that is growing to its fullest – ‘WILLPOWER’. I really do not wish you face those many rejections though. Just trying to extract positives out of negatives.

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You appeared for an interview because you thought it is best suited for you and would bring you growth. Remember how you skipped on a job offer because you felt you deserved more & better? You proposed to that beautiful girl because you always dreamt of your partner to be like her. But hey, you’re not the only to think or dream like that!! Others may also have preferences set right. As long as you come to terms with your own inclinations, you would also empathize with what the next person may want or not want. If you stuck accord, nothing like it and if not – the world outside awaits you! Go and conquer! Getting ruled out, only exposes you to a plethora of opportunities that you may not have given heed to. Which is exactly what the next point is all about!


Rejection is all about introspection. You only value water when thirst strikes its worst. On other occasions when you’re already been spoilt with an assortment of bubbly drinks, you tend to shun of a mere plain water bottle. That makes rejection really important for all of us for it enables us to value an opportunity, however small or big it may be. It makes you reconsider any hasty behavior that you may have inadvertently projected to something you thought was too small to be attempted. You time travel to all lost opportunities that may have transpired into something huge.

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Here is a comparison. You generally go to a financial advisor to have matters like tax and investment planning sorted out. You go to a doctor when you fall ill, to a bank to have a loan processed. Experts have the knack to crack things the right way? And of course, you pay for it! Interestingly, a platform where you get ‘rejected’ does many similar things for you, but for free. If you only make sure to dwell as to what lead to a particular rejection, that too from the rejecter itself, you kind of profited on it already. You get a calculated statement of what you lacked for being overruled, making it a deal worth hitting at!

It isn’t that difficult as well. All you need is to be a little enterprising and deliberate over with people (Rejecters) as to what they thought would have made an ideal choice for the situation. You, then specifically have a ‘to do’ list to work on, so you prepare yourself well and hit right in the bull’s eye on a similar occasion next time.

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And you must always bear that in mind. That itself relieves you of any subjugation that you might put yourself to. Only because you did not approve of their standards does not mean that would be the case every time everywhere. I do not intend to look down upon an intelligence or intellect one may possess, but to err is human and is rationally possible. I have known a lot of people who got rejected for a job or a wedlock for they broke the stereotypes. The only thing that makes them different is that they do not allow their identity be perturbed by how others perceive them as. If you’re not meant for something, you’d always find improved avenues sometime, somewhere.


Good things take time and rejection is inescapable. A positive outlook and perseverance (that builds on its own while facing denial repeatedly) take you places. If it comes easy to you, you might want to rethink if it was really your cup of tea. A slow-cooked stew tastes better than a meal made in a jiffy. You only need to tide through this phase and eventually fall over something you are happy doing. And that happens. It is when you realize how struggles are important too.

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Do I really need to explain this to you?? No!! I know 🙂

It is only to do with foresight when a choice is made. Something that one learns when the time is right. Tables do turn. A youthful 25 years old might choose a plate of fried rice over steamed. But a 60-year-old may not have the same pick. What gets rejected somewhere may get selected somewhere else. Everyone is entitled to serve themselves, with what they think would suit them the best. In life, you would experience both being a rejecter and a rejectee. In case if you’re at the receiving end, limit yourself with giving it a try and forget the rest, for that already speaks about your ability to dare. If you respect your own effort, then you must be respectful towards the outcome, however good or bad it may be. Do not regret rejection. Rephrase Rejection!

I'd love to know your thoughts on what you just read!!