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The surreal countryside of India

The amity confined in the countryside can double the lifespan of a person. Courtesy, the organic way of living, eating and conducting oneself. Especially in India, where more than 60% of the economy sustains on agriculture, there is a vast treasure of age-old rural settings which are still following the simple yet exotic life. The fuss-free attitudes and affability of people, the traditional homes, and the quaint aura circumventing the plush green environs makes life in a village worth living. I am especially enamoured with the village life, all the more. Belonging to mountains myself, I am a proud keeper of a thick bunch of tales innocently created during my childhood. Read on..

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Getting into the roots!

If you are travelling on an archetypal holiday to a mountain or a beach, it is highly recommended that you explore the local streets to ascertain the quintessence of your travel. To get to know the local eateries and trying cuisines indigenous to the region is one unsurpassed pleasure. The countryside is best travelled alone. Where it upsurges your knowledge a notch higher in terms of culinary reserves and rich beliefs, this is also how you do true justice to a place. The rigidity endowed to us by the daily droning of metropolitan lives, harbours, peace and tranquillity in the gigantic paddy fields of Punjab and Haryana.

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As enchanting as it gets!

Proud, aren’t we? When somebody from a foreign land nearly astounds us admiring the rawness of formidable hill tops and motionless calm nestled amid valleys of India. Isn’t it true that learned storytellers like Ruskin Bond found their inspiration in Doon and Mussoorie? The crispness in the air and ingenuity in almost every resource, be it food, farming or technology, leaves you asking for more. The local fairs and markets, innocent smiles of the people and helpfulness of the folks – all this paint a surreal picture of Indian Countryside.


Colors of vigor!

Ensues the culture and festivals. These godly souls clearly know better ways to celebrate cultural vivacity, less of any materialistic comforts and pretense – more prone to the people like us. Sieving goodness from the world to get a better hold of happiness and content is something we should learn from them. We are generally aware of the Calendar festivals conveniently marked with dates and wait for them. But have you ever heard of a regional festival called ‘phool-dehi’ celebrated in Uttrakhand? Very few have! It aims to celebrate Hindu New Year where people (usually kids) offer varied flowers to each other and welcome spring with full vigor and joy. Likewise ‘Timithi festival’ in Tamil Nadu, ‘Madai Festival’ in Chattisgarh, ‘Mim Kut Festival’ in Mizoram are few instances of India’s Cultural vibrance.

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Soul Drenching!

The life in a village is simply divine and equally adventurous. The walk on that ‘kaccha raasta’ would be way more satisfying that a long drive in an urban city. The greenery afoot every sight and serenity soaked in hues of blue and emerald, village life in India has to only offer good things in life. The art and cultural aspect too have been something inherently conceived by the locals as a part of lovingly decorating their homes. The ‘Mandana Art’ of drawing on mud covered sheets with white inks has been an indicator of Rajasthan’s artistic intelligence. And guess what? We have been running around in circles in malls to find the most exquisite home décor pieces.

Owing Responsibility?

Discovering life in Indian countryside may perhaps be too vast to be penned down in words. For it has been running on a neat oscillation from purity to innocence for years now. The sad part is that this good old world is still new to our generation. A big part of it is still to be discovered and make its way to Indian travelling. For those who know of it, it becomes our primaeval calling that we put it out widely to our youngsters so it doesn’t lose it sanctity and remain in hearts and heads of Indian masses. The Indian countryside has recently been facing a fair deal of environmental issues and challenges prolonged for years now. The incessant industrialisation and needless urbanisation have already snatched a lot from it. I hope this little piece of article reaches the right place and rekindle the ray of sunshine that has rather been facing a cloudy weather so far.

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  1. I love exploring the countryside when travelling, India is such a huge country though, I wouldn’t know where to start! Looking at that first picture I thought it was the UK!

  2. Beautifully return and yes for those of us who know the beauty and serenity and love that thrives in the villages…we definitely ensure the beauty to spread in words defined. Your blog comes at a time when i am beginning to write about my village trips of last year. Will share the link soon. Do put more pics of the villages….Thx

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