10 Women travelers who cruised a little more!

The horizon knows no bounds when you are a woman. Despite being subjected to immense scrutiny at every nook and corner, women in India have proved their mettle time and again. They have taken risks and smelled some path-breaking success in almost every field. Traveling is one such genre that has taken women world by storm in recent times. There are women who have given up their fulfilling careers to follow their passion and love for traveling. And these solo women travelers are no less than an inspiration to many. They have stimulated lives for good and motivated a fair lot of people through their travel stories. And since these amazing women have constantly rubbed my travel itch as well, I dedicate this blog to such wonderful women and wish to share a glimpse of their journey thus far.

Shivya Nath

Just a girl who travels! Upbrought in the splendid valley of Dehradun, Shivya found it easy to leave a flourishing corporate career and discover realms of this beautiful world. Her inquisitiveness about new places and vigor to explore the unknown had her trail through several countries. She had penned down some of the most inspiring travelogues from European countries. You can read her here.

Amrita Das

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Once you start reading her blogs, you’d be hooked for hours. She has an amazing vocabulary to do justice to what she sees and experience. This solo woman traveler initially cruised through various states in India and has now stretched an envious length of more than 10 countries including Spain, Singapore, Paris & Italy. Check her blog travellingidesofmarch to know her travel style better.

Charukesi Ramadurai

Apart from traveling, Charu writes about various other subjects like Books & Arts, Cinema, Gender Development & Health issues. She is essentially smitten with the Cultural richness of India and has written various blogs about it. Her website ‘Itchy feet’ stores many such jewels that describe her love for writing. Check Charu’s travel repertoire here.

Neelima Vallangi

Neelima is a traveler, most Indians would connect with. She has a dream of measuring every length and breadth of India by the time she turns 30. She calls herself a hopeless & incurable travel addict and has a natural flair for writing. The originality enclosed in her travel stories transports you miraculously to the very place she has her pen on. It’s magic when you read her collection of parables about mighty mountains & deserted islands. Click here to travel with Neelima.

Renuka Singh

Her love for travel originated from her love for photography. The lively pictures of dry grasslands and starry skies effortlessly make their way into her writing. The girl behind her lens does an awe-inspiring job every time she scribbles about a traveled place. She proudly calls herself a voyager for life. Check out her blog here.

Ankita Sinha

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An IT professional and a happy rebel. Ankita quit her job in 2011 and took up travel as her much-prized possession. Most enamored by adventure, her blog ‘anki on move’ enlists some extraordinary travel tales to wildered lands of India, including that of Himachal Pradesh. She has traveled to more than 20 states and countries. You can find her on the move here.

Lakshmi Sharath

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An avid traveler and photographer, Lakshmi has served many renowned media desks including ‘The Hindu’. She has worked with several big names and freelanced for them. She is a multi-talented personality excelling the travel space as a blogger, KOL & Influencer and Media professional. The link to her travel blog is this.

Ruchika Vyas

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She gave an extension to her regular 9 to 6 job, when she started her own website travellerstories.com. Little did she knew that it would once be held as a ready reckoner for aspiring travelers to refer. Do not miss a single post!!! Subscribe to read her stories right away!

Shalu Sharma

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They say ‘to sit idle is to corrode’ – a taboo attached to most housewives in India. But Shalu has defied this perception and skilfully taken up homemaking and traveling both. She digs right into the roots of a place & writes up and bottom about her outdoor trips. You’d feel a sense of care and affection in her writings. Along with travel destinations, she also writes on how to remain fit and healthy at a certain place, the do’s and dont’s. Do read her blog here.

Rachel Rose

Despite being a foreigner, this woman deserves a special mention here. She is not an Indian by birth but has eventually become one, owing to his travel tales about India. The name of her blog is Hippie in Heels and she rightfully does justice to the name. Her version of India is dramatically different than what a normal Indian would perceive it as. The style of writing is liberated. She has interpreted India in its true colors. You can read her travel tales to see an ecstatic India.

A Woman – She takes less and gives heaps full of happiness and content to this world. A solo woman traveler, in today’s day and age, has defied every societal norm that questioned her capabilities as an explorer. She has broken the otherwise flawed perception of people looking at her competencies. She is will, a power, a gazer, a reckoner and a wanderer. She is here to conquer. More power to her!

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  1. Ohh very informative 😊 travelling alone explores us more than in groups . When we travel alone we become more confident, knowledgeable and independent 😊
    Nice article 😎

  2. Travelling solo has no limitations, and I am sure these women must have achieved immense happiness and enjoyed each and every moment of their journey. Looking forward to read each of theirs inspirational stories.

  3. What a well written post. I never would have heard of these women if it wasn’t for this post. Women are defining their identify and path. The way we are viewed from around the world is much becoming a little more pleasing as time goes on. Great post!

  4. These women are really mind blowing and full of inspiration for all the newbies in this niche. Specially we are big followers of Shivya Nath. We will love to read all the blogs of others also.

  5. I love being a woman, it is such a wonderful feeling. Today women can do anything that men can do including traveling long and far.

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