Enough has been spoken on and about women empowerment. Though I fail to understand as to how you empower something which is already empowered. I have a different or rather edgy take on this, so to say, which might not go down well with a lot of people, including women themselves. Chances are it might rub you the wrong way and I might land up in a lawsuit as well. But my itch to write this has got the better of me and hardly ceases to pen it down furiously. Here is an account of how I contemplated a real-life incident with so call empowerment of women.

It was apparently Women’s day eve when I happened to eavesdrop on this gentle man’s house who presumably wanted to be honest while saying “Women fake a lot! Mine has been faking for last 2-3 months when she says she’s in love with the new play station that I got home last month and that she is all game to witness a soccer match coming weekend with all my friends.”

Sheer coincidence when my colleague, the same day, for a lack of a rather intelligent topic in an ongoing Annual meet, tried to look down upon the housewives in general (or his housewife in particular) who’ve been incessantly bickering about the dripping roof and the mighty hole in the attic. “Holy crap! How on this earth am I supposed to be getting time to fix that? I go, better figure out my annual sales figures”, he exclaimed.

Where I completely agree with the first scenario about women faking a lot, I am not too convinced on accepting the second observation. Despite not having anything in common with usual she-behavioural patterns, I am likely to be one of those few, who believe in feminism, but do not quintessentially adhere to what it takes to be a feminist in today’s day and age. Confused? Fret not. You’d soon find out why?

So, I certainly did not agree with the gentle man’s notion of women faking and to top it, 2-3 months is surely an understatement, where women have can have whole lifetime faked. And it comes so naturally to them that they hardly realize they are faking it. I can vouch for this fact since I have seen a number of talented, knowledgeable, creative, alpha women of sorts, including my own gracious mother giving up their careers to bring up the kids and putting all that they have in the nest. If this is not being fake, I fail to understand what would it be then? Since we don’t see any visible man doing it generally (unless of course, he is some Anil Kapoor from Mr. India). What perhaps is a testimony to that matter, is the very behavior of the same gentleman’s wife to be trying to fit in the daily patterns, in sheer contrasts of her own interests, seemingly in search of some sort of validation, or maybe she was just too enamored by the ‘HUSBAND’ which I hardly think should be the case.

For the second incidence, I hope the gentleman is able to find 2 grams of his cerebrum and exactly 2.5 grams of the cerebral cortex since he is completely oblivious on how he has been able to figure out his Annual sales figure. If it weren’t for a lot of women, including his, taking up housekeeping, I wonder how men like him were able to even find a shoelace, let alone a supported future.

Where I do feel ridiculing women can be the most convenient and facile time killer, I am also of the view that a lot of subjugation to women happens because of the women themselves, not all though. For instance, let’s say how girls sometimes expect the men in public transport to give up on their seats approving their ability to pull off their own weight! How we equate feminism with weakness when in reality we are so structured that we not only can carry our own but the baby’s weight too in our fetus when there is a time and need to. How we have inhibited ourselves to privileges. And then we talk about equality. Bizarre!

Here I should reiterate that I am the last girl to support Women empowerment. Just that we have lost track on self-realization. We have lost neutrality somewhere. And honestly I don’t like to be negative and cynical but the truth is – “It is never going to change”. Maybe in some parts of the world, the sanctity would keep flipping over, but the mess that we have already created is too hard to get rid of. In the name of sustainability, what we can only do is to let a girl come in this world and for better, let her be contributory and add to the beauty of life and most importantly – never ask, expect or want her to match up to a ‘MAN’. That’s it! It would never get any simpler than this.


  1. Okay this is where men consider at as faking, but women see it as compromising, and many women do enjoy video games and sports, but it’s the male ego that makes it hard for women to be seen as equal. I know totally off topic of the point of story, but had to throw it in.

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