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Bond, Landour and a dead car in Mussoorie!

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“The car’s battery ran out”, R said. “The engine doesn’t start, no matter how hard I try!” All hell broke loose!! “What, how is that even possible? How did that happen?” I asked dripping in an expression oozing both anger & fear. “Don’t get mad at me alright! I am trying to figure that out […]

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Arunachal – Where Sun upsurges a little before

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As of again, for people conveniently take up infamous destinations that are being vigorously hung around and commercially exploited, Arunachal might not top one’s holiday list. But my incessant rendezvous with mountains will never find an end as they get as mysterious as I explore them.  Arunachal Pradesh, literally means ‘the land of dawn-lit mountains’, […]