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Arunachal – Where Sun upsurges a little before

As of again, for people conveniently take up infamous destinations that are being vigorously hung around and commercially exploited, Arunachal might not top one’s holiday list. But my incessant rendezvous with mountains will never find an end as they get as mysterious as I explore them.  Arunachal Pradesh, literally means ‘the land of dawn-lit mountains’, and is the largest state of North East India with more than 90 percent of the state being densely forested. Arunachal Pradesh stands as a protector on the north easternmost portion of India. It borders Bhutan from the west, Burma on the east and China in the southern and North East. Arunachal shares hills of Nagaland from the south and boundaries with Assam. It covers about 83, 743 Sq of the Eastern Himalayan ranges.

Also known as the orchid state of India since more than 600 species of orchids are wildly found in Arunachal. The mesmerizing land with a dazzling array of fauna and flora is a habitat which combines sub rainforests, alpine meadows, and rock-strewn topography. Most of Arunachal Pradesh has villages in remote places, deep gorges and jungles. The state encompasses a horseshoe-shaped territory. Equally bequeathed with a spiritual vibe, the place is also home to numerous temples, shrines which stand tall to their names and belief.

The rugged and difficult ground ensures that outsiders don’t ingress into the area easily. Arunachal probably receives the heaviest rainfall within the country. Variation in elevation ensures a broad range of temperatures, together with the warm and humid climates of lower valleys changing to exceptionally cold weather in the higher heights of the state. The high elevation upper belt looks like the alpine climate together with large areas experiencing snowfalls during winter.  Here are 7 places that you must head on to, when in Arunachal.

sela pass

Sela Pass – Possibly the most barren and visibly a tough piece of land in all of Arunachal. The extremely low temperature resulting in thinning of oxygen may well not be a place for faint-hearted. But, all you must focus on is the breath-taking views of Sela Lake meandering through the snow-capped mountains elevated at 14000 feet. A boon for adventurers, it kicks out the fear in you, once you get along with rocky terrains and walk through them. My favourite!

nuranang falls

Nuranang Falls – The ferocious white waters of Nuranang falls is something that you would remember for your lifetime. They are also known as Jung waterfalls. Thrilling to the core, it would be sacrilege to not to visit Nuranang. Though you always must go prepared to combat ever ready rainfalls. A raincoat and a change of clothes would be advisable.


Sangti Valley – Make sure whenever you visit this area in Arunachal, you plan at least a two-day stay here. The local people are a treat to spend time with, plus the lip-smacking regional cuisines are a must have. The erroneous atmosphere banked by River sangti make it an apt place for couples and honeymooners. Don’t forget to take a dip in the chilly waters amid the abundant green expanse of the region.  It is situated at about 14 kms from Dirang town and is full of birds, kiwis and orange orchards!!!


Budhha Temple – An exceptionally beautiful monument to admire. Couple it with the effervescent spiritual beliefs of the localities, you’d be lost in the Tibetan style grandeur, peacefulness and sanguinity that this pace has to offer. It is situated in the main city of Itanagar and is easily accessible by roads with ample choices of public transport.


Gorichen Peak – At an elevation of 22,500 feet above the sea level, Gorichen beholds sacred belief of the people in Arunachal. It is an apposite place for adventurers and provides ample grounds for both trekking and mountaineering. It is situated at a distance of 26 odd kilometres from Nuranang.

bap teng kang

Bap Teng Kang Waterfall – It is located at a distance of 82 kms from Tawang (towards Zemintang) and can be easily cruised over by road. The lush greenery and the crystal clear water make for an essential swimming dip in the icy cold water of the falls. A paradise for nature lovers, BTK waterfalls makes for an ideal place for family picnics as well.

golden pagoda

The Golden Pagoda – A pagoda is a type of temple or a religious monument shaped in the form of a multiple-tiered tower. The golden pagoda is situated in Namsai and is also known as Kongmu Kham. The palatial temple complex is visually appealing to eyes with its well-maintained architectural beauty the Arunachal government. River Tengapani accompanies the temple on its left and is a wonderful place to sit and relax. The inner complex has a lot of good restaurants & souvenirs selling shops serving well to the tourists.

Arunachal proves how Mother Nature has been kind to us. As though it tries to cradle us in its lap and upholds the constructive being of mankind. Mountains have a peculiar way of life that is hard to get away from. A day in the valleys of Arunachal sacks the daily spells of our claustrophobic life that a city has to offer.  If you have ever been to this soul-absorbing place, do write to us with your travel tales & experiences.

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