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8 business travel hacks to make your next venture more lucrative!

For professionals, business travel is an integral part of their routine lives. And as a regular business traveller, having towed your brains to achieve business targets and accords, you really can’t be bothered by anything else but work. It, thus, becomes essential to have everything in place before you embark on such business trips. So this handy travel check-list for frequent business travellers will assist them to enjoy a smoother journey with zero to less stress. Have a look!

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Setting itineraries

Write out an itinerary beginning with you leaving your office/home, ending on the day when you return to your original destination. Make certain to include

  1. Flight information (ticket and boarding pass)
  2. Details on cars rental and other ground transport
  3. Addresses and telephone numbers of your supplied housing provider or other lodging alternatives.
  4. Times and places of business meetings.
  5. Contact details of the individuals you are going to be meeting during your visit.

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Your business travel itinerary must include setting taxi rides or car rentals for you. This is to be done in addition to back & forth transfers to company meetings. Research whether shuttle service is available at the airport for your destination. Compare prices and choose what is more cost effective.

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Consider corporate housing or executive apartments as opposed to a hotel stay when travelling on businesses. Avoid a fuller selection of conveniences & high-end spacious accommodations to control costs. Frequent Business travellers often enjoy decent corporate discounts owing to their redundant to and fro. Make the most of it.

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Carry documents 

You must always travel with proper personal id and paperwork, especially for airport travel. Ensure that you have packed the ID that you will need before embarking on any business travel. Double check that your driving license is up-to-date, in addition to your passport if you are travelling internationally. Keep in mind that you will need to show your driving license if you are renting an automobile as well.

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Packing essentials

This may look like last minute detail, but packing the right set of things is important for any business travel. ‘More’ can land you up in problems and ‘less’ can cost you big. In the rush of getting ready to leave, packing is generally left for the last minute. It is especially important to create a list of everything you will need to pack for the company trip, as opposed to leaving it to memory. Some days before you disembark, begin brainstorming items that you will need for your job while away and pack less. Be precise while choosing things for a business travel. You must also list specific personal items you cannot do without, like journey sized toiletries and company attire.

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Currency (Exchange)

No need for this (exchange) for domestic travel. However, a little cash in hand would prove helpful at an odd hour. In case of a worldwide trip, keep some currency that is exchanged handy. Ensure to have it exchanged well in advance if going for a long trip. This also helps shun the fluctuating currency rates. Alternative options include prepaid travel cards. Most international airports provide currency exchange but you should not only just depend on them but preferably have the currency beforehand. Saves a lot.

Do not carry valuable items

Keep money and valuables in a safe position. In the first place, it’s recommended not to carry any kind of valuables on the trip. Keep it hidden in a safe place or better carry it with you. Do not keep checking that it attracts public attention.

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Memory and Chargers cards

Your digital devices like mobile, iPad, the camera and the tab will need charging. Carry more memory cards because as it may be needed by you. Do most of your electronic charging in the hotel and save power banks etc for emergencies.

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A little planning right at the start saves you big afterwards in every business travel. Better management on the personal front will boost your productivity professionally. I’d would like you to add to these tips if there is something you think will help create a better checklist. Drop your thoughts in the comment box. I would be happy to hear from you!

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  1. I truly learned my lesson regarding traveling with valuables. I packed a valuable item in my suitcase and it was only when I returned home I discovered it was missing. I truly felt my privacy was invaded. Yes, leave valuables at home.

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