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Solo Travel? Woman? Here are 7 handpicked destinations for you!

Gone are the days when the idea of travelling or vacationing was restricted to just family trips and group excursions. Ever since the concept of solo travel has surfaced in India, the number of women travellers measuring the length & breadth of the country has only increased. Safety, however, in India remains a concern for women. But wait?  Does that take away from the dazzling escapades and splendours that India has to offer as a country? If one looks around with enough intrigue and keen, there does exist a fair number of cities and places that have proven to be far welcoming & harmless to women travellers. Enlisting few such destinations that could make it to your travel diaries soon! Read on..

And to help you a bit further, here are 9 packing essentials for your next solo trip.

Pondicherry, Religion, Spiritual, India, God, FaithPondicherry, Tamil Nadu

If you want a slice of colonial culture and a vibe emitting brilliance and artistry, Pondicherry is the place for you. It is also known as the French capital of India, courtesy the opulent cultural & architectural heritage. The opulent structures and monuments lined along the streets in symmetry, gives a Britishers’ feel to the city. It has a fair number of budget hotels and the people are friendly & respectful. Pondicherry is charming marvel boasting high of magnificent Indian tourism and should top a girl’s chart for her next solo trip.

Goechala, Sikkim, Kanchenjunga, HimalayasSikkim, Gangtok

One, it relieves you of the constant nagging of the city life. Two, it is comparatively cheaper, if you plan wisely. And three, it is safe. The people in and around the Himalayas are essentially innocent with a lesser sense of self-interest. They would offer you help if the need be, show you the way if you go haywire and would ask for nothing. Sikkim, as of again, rides high on its effervescent Tibetan culture that sparkles in all its glory. Best part, the food is cheap since all you need at an unearthly hour is a steaming plate of momos and homemade Thukpa. Girls, are you listening?

Bihu, Dance, India, Assam, Travel, Culture, VacationShillong, Assam

Any travel tale associated with unscathed hills of Shillong would be a priceless reserve for a travel lover. Shillong stores some of the best glimpses of sunrises and is known as the ‘mini Scotland of India’. Homestays are usually considered best pit stops rather than pricey hotels and inns, when in Shillong. Well connected by road, it is a traveller’s heaven and the new hot spot amongst solo women travellers.

Malshej Ghat, Mumbai

The opulent green valleys and striking waterfalls accentuate the picturesque splendour of Malshej. It is also identified as an apt place for trekking for youngsters. Monsoons are the best time to visit Malshej ghat with rains upturning the green environs a notch higher. A paradise for nature lovers, this place located at a driving distance of 2 hours by road and a Self-drive car rental is the best choice to reach this gem hurled at Mumbai’s countryside.

Meditation, Yoga, Hampi, India, Travel, Sunset, HealthHampi, Karnataka

One wouldn’t think of Hampi as a solo travel destination at first, that too for girls. But what If you are told that this quaint little hamlet outspreads amiability at its best. The locals have their pleasantries intact and are affable. It is also been listed as a heritage site in UNESCO. The majestic town of Hampi, is indeed the safer place to its urban equivalents. So breaking the travesty, this one is a magical change that is too hard to miss.

Image result for samsingSamsing, West Bengal

A spot almost hidden from the ever-bustling town of Kolkata. Samsing remained undiscovered on the Indian map for the longest time. A phenomenal settlement in Northern Bengal, inhibited by lush green orange orchards and tea gardens. The extremely green horizons of this rural setting is a glee to the nature lovers. It is well connected by Siliguri and it should be travelled by road.

File:Pithoragarh.jpgPithoragarh, Uttrakhand

You can never go wrong with the mountains. They are probably the most sought-after travel joints to escape from the eternal chaos of metros. The sieved sunshine coming through the roofs of thick alpine forests transports you to a serene land with dripping tranquillity. Pithoragrah, in that sense, may have been a less talked about but doesn’t disappoint you when it comes to experiencing the richest bulk of great flora & fauna. Covered with snow for the most part of the year, Pithoragarh can easily be travelled by road on an overnight journey of 8-9 hours from Delhi.

I am sure the post has been able to address your solo travel woes if there were any. Especially with women who tend to drop the idea of it. They no more need to depend or follow anyone to hit the road and hover around. If you are one such champion, do write to us with your travel tale.


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  1. I’m a female traveller who goes everywhere solo, and I’ve never visited any of these places! Will have to bear some of them in mind for future, I especially Malshej ghat, it looks great! x

    1. I am happy to find you Ms. Solo Traveller. I have huge regards for the women who cruise the road on their own, like a queen. Solo Traveling liberates oneself, at the same time fills one with unmatched confidence. Thanks for your inputs. 🙂

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