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Make your way to Sikkim-Gangtok, now that it has an airport of its own!

The news will come as a whirl of happiness for all mountain lovers. As the new airport of Pakyong inches towards completion, the hopes and wishes of mountaineers and nature lover will know no bounds. The airport is likely to become operational in the first quarter of 2018. Not that Sikkim hasn’t been travelled enough before this development, just that now it is only going to slim the distance more. Prior to this, Bagdogra was the nearest airport to enter Sikkim, 120 kilometres away from the main city. Pakyong airport will erase a fair deal of distance and would be just 37 kilometres from Gangktok. And with this, let’s help you plan your next travel to this beautiful escapade.

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Sikkim is a tranquil state in the northeastern part of India. Cradling in the Himalayan foot slopes that surround China, Nepal and Bhutan, it is elevated at a height of 5500 feet above sea level on the eastern Himalayan range.The snow secured mountains and lavish green valleys not just fortifies one’s soul, but also lets the observers dumbfounded by the spectacle of its uncommon magnificence. The view of Kanchenjunga from Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim is breathtakingly charismatic and the reason why it is often termed as Eastern Switzerland. Sikkim is an absolutely safe destination for solo travellers as well, especially women. Here is a ‘go to’ list of the illustrious tourists’ spots and destinations in Sikkim. Read on..

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Kanchenjunga National Park

Kanchenjunga National Park and Biosphere Reserve get its name from its position at Mount Kanchenjunga, which is the third highest peak in the world. The park covers an area of 849.5 sq kilometres and contains many glaciers. The reserve is a home to multiple distinctive species of flora and fauna with about 550 species of native and migratory birds.

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Saramsa Garden

Saramsa Garden was established in 1922 and it has served various purposes. Today, it serves the purpose of the Gangtok tourist department to promote floriculture. It’s a great picnic and recreation spot and may be enjoyed with friends and family. It’s situated 14 kilometres from Gangtok on the Pakyong Road.

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Tashi View Point

If you wish to experience most spectacular and awe-inspiring views of the Himalayas you must come to Tashi View Point in Gangtok. It’s simply a circular viewing point where a maximum of four people can stay in a time. As the name implies, the Sikkim tourism department has founded a special sanctuary for Rhododendrons and it is amazing to see so many varieties of the flower at one spot.

Hanuman Tok

Located on the upper reaches of Gangtok, Hanuman Tok is a temple complex dedicated to Lord Hanuman, the Monkey God. This temple was built as the site is regarded as the spot Lord Hanuman rested while carrying the mountain with the Sanjeevani herb. The place is a brilliant location for hikers who like to get swallowed up by the pure beauty of the Himalayas.

MG Marg

Like any hill station, MG road is the quintessential mall road of Gangtok, right in the middle of town. It is an apt place for shopaholics. It is a neat and tidy, vehicle free alley serving multiple options to satiate your taste buds with an array of exquisite cafes and restaurants. A place where you can come back every evening and relax after an eventful touristing all day long. MG Road also serves for a big menu to hotel stays and inns for evbudgetdget and is centrally located.

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Yumthang Valley

This is yet another picturesque valley at an elevation of 11800 feet. It is situated at a distance of 25 kilometres from the main city and is covered with snow during December to April. It is also known as Sikkim’s valley of flowers. The town of Lachung la is plugged amid this quaint vale and is also the base station to this hill.

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Ranka Monastery

Circumscribed by cute little handicrafts shops, the way to Ranka Monastery is quite a climb. It is a huge magnificent monastery sprawled across a vast region. The quiet in the surroundings and regular chime of prayers make it the most calming and soothing place in all of Sikkim. The lamas are friendly and forthcoming in sharing their knowledge about the place and its history.

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Nathula Pass

This one makes for a tough choice as a tourist, owing to the difficult weather conditions. But Nathula pass is a site beyond explanation. Situated on the ancient silk route connecting India and China, this pass freezes at minus degrees of temperature. This is the same pass which pilgrims going to Mansarovar yatra cross every year. You need a permit from the authority to visit Nathula pass as it is not always feasible to make it to this destination.

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Gurdongmar Lake

Water bodies and streams are such soul-drenching creations of God. And when you experience these beauties at an elevation of 17000 feet, it is no less than a lifetime achievement. Gurdongmar lake originates from glaciers and makes for a placid environment. This is the second highest lake in India and a must visit when in Sikkim.

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Kanchenjunga Falls

It leaves you spellbound when pristine milky waters of Kanchenjunga cascades over themselves. Kanchenjunga falls are situated 28 kilometres from the city of Pelling. The vicinity brims with incessant hoards of vendors and shops selling varied items. Quite an exciting place.

Sikkim serves equally to both quiet seekers and adventurers. For solo travellers, it is slowly becoming one most hovered over the destination. (To help you prepare for solo travelling, visit our post on Solo travel packing tips). Dotted with numerous hills and lofty peaks, Sikkim has it place secured in the hearts of avid traveller. When are you booking your tickets?

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